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CollegeBound developed the Assessment Exam to help students determine which test best matches their skills and strengths.  This proprietary test was created by Dr.Berkley to identify the strengths of the student and provide a course of action that will give them the best chance for maximum improvement.  The Assessment Exam is a comprehensive test that incorporates elements of both the ACT and SAT. CollegeBound reviews the results and then provides a detailed score report to determine which exam best suits the student’s needs.  Families will be provided with a comprehensive standardized testing strategy and guidance every step of the way.

CollegeBound offers unparalleled expertise, guidance, and insight into the college admissions process.  The goal of our one hour consultation is to identify which types of colleges are the right fit for your profile and to determine a plan for achieving success.  This meeting will allow CollegeBound to learn about the student while providing valuable information to parents about the college admissions process.  This is an important step towards gaining admission into a college that is the absolute best fit for the student, which is one of our highest priorities.

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