Senior year is the time for refining a college list, completing college applications, and preparing personal statements.  A thoroughly vetted plan, attention to detail, and fulfillment of obligations is a must for this point in the college admissions process.  CollegeBound recommends a robust course of action that is outlined in the space below.

  • Advising on how to create and maximize opportunities with teachers, counselors, peers, and mentors to benefit the admissions process.
  • Begin researching colleges based on individual profile and specific selection factors.
  • Develop an Expanded Resume.
  • Brainstorm college essay topics with the help of CollegeBound’s College Essay Questionnaire.
  • Assemble college essay outlines for all required essays and prompts (including Common Application supplements.)
  • Assistance with crafting college essay rough drafts.
  • Proofread and revise all final versions of application essays, personal statement, and short answers.
  • Academic progress is strategized, monitored, and recorded.
  • Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse and complete Eligibility Center requirements (if applicable).
  • Develop a standardized testing plan.  SAT, ACT, and Subject Tests.
  • Organize meetings with college admissions representatives.
  • Recalculate GPA based on standards of various colleges.
  • Create Task Lists and Timelines with deadlines and due dates for applications, personal statements, letters of recommendation, interviews, mid-year reports, statement of intent, and freshman year housing.
  • Register and re-take Subject Tests if necessary.
  • Finalize college list with safety, target, and reach schools.
  • Prepare for interviews with a list of sample questions and one mock interview.
  • Complete and proof-read all applications.
  • Assemble portfolio for art and architecture majors (if applicable).
  • Prepare and send all required documents including Letter of Recommendation packets.
  • Send official copies of standardized test scores.
  • Advising on Mid-Year report forms.
  • Advising on FAFSA.
  • Plan college visits, information sessions, and campus tours.
  • Make the final college selection.
  • Review Statement of Intent and address freshman housing.
In addition to the time spent in consultations, CollegeBound conducts hours of research, contacts college admissions counselors and representatives to ensure the most up-to-date information and strategies are being employed, spends time preparing and revising college lists, application essays, resumes, and other paperwork, and answers questions and addresses issues that arise from phone and email communication.

The first consultation is not included in the counseling packages and will be billed separately at a rate of $225/hour.

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