Junior year is a critical point in the college admissions process.  As you will see, this is a significant time for students as they start taking standardized tests and exploring which colleges will be the right fit.  CollegeBound recommends a robust course of action that is outlined in the space below.

  • Assess four-year academic plan.  Course planning:  AP vs. IB vs. Honors vs. Online Courses vs. Community College Courses
  • Learn how to nurture relationships with high school counselor(s), teachers, and mentors to benefit the educational and college admissions processes.
  • Schedule a meeting with high school counselor and teachers to discuss specific talking points.
  • Discuss California Scholarship Federation and National Honors Society memberships.
  • Begin checking out the websites of colleges presented by CollegeBound based on your personal, specific, selection factors.  What are their admission requirements? Are you taking the right courses, getting the right grades, test scores, etc?
  • Make a list of academic and personal goals.  Review at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  The best college “fit” happens when a student knows herself, her wants, and her needs for the future.
  • Work with CollegeBound on registering/activating an accurate and effective Fastweb account.
  • Start a log/journal to keep track of extracurriculars. Include the name of the contact person.  Write impressions, especially what you do and don’t like about each activity.
  • Begin discussion with family about college financial planning.  (Also available upon request: Get an early evaluation of your financial aid options and FAFSA E.F.C.)
  • Learn how to organize and track every certificate, award, newspaper articles, clippings, etc. that you have received in high school in the same manner colleges do.
  • Revisit extracurricular involvements and adjust or expand commitment to activities where appropriate.
  • Review grades and progress reports (i.e. report cards, School Loop, transcript).  Create a study skills strategy and discuss Academic Coaching. These grades definitely count!  Pursue extra-credit work or independent study where appropriate under the guidance of CollegeBound.
  • Consider testing options. Register for the PSAT and/or PLAN tests.  Review results of each exam with CollegeBound for full analysis.
  • Register/Update for effective College Board and ACT accounts.
  • Schedule SAT Subject Tests for spring/summer.  Create exam(s) prep plan.
  • Plan to attend college athletic, academic, or leaderships camps in summer.
  • Identify and solidify summer enrichment and community service opportunities.
  • Begin working on a SAT vocabulary (if appropriate) and critically reading adult level reading material.
  • Plan campus visits and meetings to local colleges.
  • Arrange attendance to college fairs and college nights.
  • Enter scholarship and essay contests to garner regional and national recognition for talents (where appropriate).

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