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CareerBound offers packages and services for college students, transfer students, recent college graduates, and individuals seeking admission to graduate school.  We provide our clients with all of the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to get ahead in the competitive world of higher education.

Services and packages include:

  • Determining which graduate schools or programs to apply to
  • Creating graduate school application timelines
  • Writing a statement of purpose
  • Securing letters of recommendation
  • Crafting a resume
  • Deciding whether to submit an addendum
  • Interview Preparation, including one mock interview

In addition to the time spent in consultations (in-person, phone, or internet), CareerBound conducts hours of research and spends time preparing and revising program lists, application essays, resumes, and other paperwork, as well as addressing each client’s individual questions and needs.  CareerBound works closely with graduate admissions officers and representatives to guarantee the most updated information and strategies are being employed.

Graduate School Admissions Consulting

  1. Assessment of Fit
  2. Choosing the Rights Schools
  3. Goal-setting
  4. Application Strategy Formulation
  5. Effective Campus Visit Plan
  6. Learning how to build relationships with admissions officers.
  7. Application Guidance
    1. Selection of Meaningful Experiences in a Coherent Manner
    2. Presentation of Strengths and Value in a Convincing Format
    3. Construction of Powerful Resume
    4. Crafting of Persuasive Essays
    5. Solicitation of Effective Recommendation Letters
  8. Polish Your Application – Multiple Rounds of Feedback
  9. Preparation for Great Interviews – Including One Mock Interview
  10. Acceptance and School Preparation 
  11. Additional Guidance
    1. Waitlist/Deferral Strategy
    2. Re-application Strategy
CareerBound will craft a plan that is specific to you. We know exactly what each program is looking for so that you can avoid the mistake of using “template essays” for all of your choices and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Not only does CareerBound help you through the application process, but we will also advise you throughout every step of the admissions cycle as well as afterwards with waitlist/deferral strategy, re-application strategy, and preparation for the programs you have been accepted into.

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