With the first year of high school complete, it’s time to get serious about an academic plan. CollegeBound recommends a robust course of action that is outlined in the space below.

  • Develop/Re-assess a three-year academic plan. Course planning:  AP vs. IB vs. Honors vs. Online Courses vs. Community College Courses
  • Discuss, plan, and implement a variety of extracurricular activities that demonstrate talent, skills, and passion (community service, clubs/organizations, internships).
  • Review/monitor grades and progress reports (i.e. report cards, School Loop, transcript, etc).
  • Discuss California Scholarship Federation membership.
  • Learn how to nurture relationships with high school counselor(s), teachers, and mentors.
  • Consider testing options. Register for the PSAT and/or PLAN tests (if applicable).  Take an Assessment Exam.
  • Create/Update Activity Journal.
  • Make a list of academic and personal goals.  Review at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  The best college “fit” happens when a student knows herself, her wants, and her needs for the future.
  • Learn how to organize and track every certificate, award, newspaper articles, clippings, etc. in the manner colleges require.
  • Register/Update and expand effective College Board and ACT accounts.
  • Discuss and plan summer enrichment and community service projects.
  • Review and implement effective study skills.  These grades count!  Pursue extra-credit work, research, or independent study.
  • Begin/Continue working on vocabulary and begin critically reading adult level reading material.  Learning to become a good critical reader takes a long period of time but will also lead to improved writing skills.
  • Plan campus visits and meetings to local colleges.
  • Arrange attendance to college fairs and college nights.
  • Begin entering scholarship and essay contests to gain regional and/or national recognition.
  • Begin talking with family about college financial planning.
  • Work with CollegeBound on registering/activating/updating an accurate and effective Fastweb account.

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