• Dr. Berkley is a brilliant woman who “knows her stuff,” and equally as important as her credentials, are her personal qualities. First, she has an incredible can-do attitude -- she consistently rose to the occasion when something was needed – no matter if it involved weekends, early mornings, late evenings, or was at the “11th hour,” she was made time to answer questions, discuss options, comment on an essay or personal statement, etc.  She is a master at working with her students to set high goals, ensuring that they have ownership, and motivating them to achieve, whether it is working to raise test scores, writing yet another essay, taking more ambitious classes, etc"

    Parent of two CollegeBound clients Loyola Marymount University, School of Film & Television Class of 2014 and Westmont College, Class of 2014
  • "From the first diagnostic exam to the last SAT, my daughter improved 460 points.  Even with three children I have never heard of an educator who can facilitate such improvement and growth academically and intellectually.  Dr. Berkley is truly one of a kind.  Because of her high test scores and stellar application (another one of Dr. Berkley's strengths) my daughter was accepted Single-Choice Early Action to her first choice college, Stanford.  I have recommended CollegeBound countless times to other families in our community and I will absolutely engage her expertise again with my next college-bound child."

    Parent of Current CollegeBound Students Stanford Class of 2014
  • "Thanks to your compelling and motivational talks, I was able to stay focused and on track to become the person I've always wanted to become. Due to your vigorous SAT prep, I was able to raise my score 600 points from my initial practice test!!  I never thought such an improvement was possible but I gave you and CollegeBound my full effort and it totally paid off.  I will definitely seek out your guidance in a couple years when it is time for me to apply to Graduate School."

    CollegeBound Client Boston University, Class of 2014
  • "Contacting Dr. Berkley was the best decision I made during the college admissions process, with her help and guidance, I was able to gain acceptance into my top choice college. Dr. Berkley's conscientiousness, enthusiasm, and devotion to her students is clear, and is manifested in the success her clients encounter. I am thankful to have worked with Dr. Berkley and I will definitely seek out her help once again when I am ready to apply to graduate school."

    CollegeBound Client U.S.C. Class of 2014
  • "With Iris' guidance, I improved my SAT score over 400 points from my first initial practice test. In addition, I was accepted into my top choice school. Iris has been a fantastic role model and mentor.  She has inspired me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined."

    Student Stanford University Class of 2014
  • "The most important part of this whole process was that it truly became our son’s project and his college choices.  He felt in control of his destiny, which we feel is extremely important as our kids enter the adult world.  Iris kept the pressure off of my husband and myself by following up with our son consistently but not holding his hand."

    Parents of former CollegeBound students UCSB Class of 2010, University of Oregon Class of 2012, Arizona State University Class of 2015
  • “Higher education is an expensive and important endeavor--one that should not be entered into lightly.  When my wife and I began researching colleges with our daughter, it became evident rather quickly that even the public universities in California would cost upwards of $100,000 for four years.  We asked ourselves, “What other investment of this magnitude would we make and NOT consult a professional?”  CollegeBound immediately stood out as Dr. Iris was the most professional, experienced, and passionate person we had ever met in the field of education.  Our daughter raised her SAT score from 1810 to 2270. My wife and I could not be more pleased.  We owe it all to CollegeBound and Dr. Iris’ insightful guidance.” 

    Parent of Former CollegeBound Clients University of Notre Dame Class of 2012, USC Keck School of Medicine 2016, and University of Alabama Class of 2015
  • "Our daughter is completing her senior year and, thanks in large part to Dr. Iris, will be attending Cornell University in the fall.  When we began our search for a rigorous test prep program and individually tailored educational advising, Dr. Iris’ name came up repeatedly. It quickly became evident that Dr. Iris’ reputation as one of the most talented in her field was by no means an exaggeration. Dr. Iris has proven time and time again that CollegeBound is on the cutting edge of college admissions every year and because of this, has succeeded in becoming the best test prep and college counseling firm in Southern California."

    Parent of Three CollegeBound Clients Cornell University Class of 2013
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