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For those students seeking assistance with only certain aspects of their academic or personal profile, or those who feel they may benefit from additional help beyond the aforementioned packages, may arrange for extra attention on a case-by-case, hourly basis.

These college counseling hours are logged & charged “as you go” as billable hours.

The Edge

College Admissions Essays and Personal Statements.  Application essays are the #1 tip factor in college and graduate school admissions.  CollegeBound created and developed the Discourse of Self-Presentation, which is designed to help you write extraordinary essays that showcase your personality, unique experiences, and strengths.  Do not leave this CRITICAL part of the application up to chance.  Make sure you have The Edge. 

Individual Services

Extracurricular, Volunteer, and Internship Advising

CollegeBound can provide options and opportunities outside of school that will help you gain unique experience and create broad networks that are essential to building a strong resume for today’s competition.

The Test Quest

CollegeBound will assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide a detailed analytical score report to determine which exam best suits your needs.  You will be provided with a comprehensive standardized testing strategy and guidance every step of the way.

Extended Time

CollegeBound is highly experienced in guiding families through the timeline, process and paper work required to secure extended time on the SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT.

Individual Services (cont.)

Art Smart

CollegeBound offers comprehensive portfolio advising for individuals interested in applying to art, photography, studio art, drama, and music programs.  These disciplines/majors require portfolios in addition to applications, recommendations, and official test scores.  CollegeBound will make sure your portfolio stands out, gets you noticed, and gets you accepted to your top programs.

Study Skills and Academic Coaching

CollegeBound provides academic coaching beyond the tutoring level.  Different subjects require different modes of study, just as different people learn in different ways.  CollegeBound will give you the specialized tools necessary to attain success in every subject.  Personalized coaching includes effective models for organization, time management, goal setting, note-taking, test-taking, parental involvement, self-advocacy, the management of essays/papers/projects, the use of planners, and final/AP exam preparation.

Individual Services (cont.)

Deferral, Waitlists, and Appeals

There is a new language in the world of admissions and CollegeBound knows how to speak it.  We have a 94% success rate of getting our clients accepted whether they have been deferred, waitlisted, or even denied admission.

Academic Tutoring

CollegeBound works with the very best tutors who are subject-matter experts in their respective fields.  All tutors are credentialed, Master’s level, or Doctoral level educators.

We also have specialized programs for:

Student Athletes (recruited and walk-on)
Community College Transfers
Transfers From Other Four-Year Institutions
Major/Career Counseling     

CareerBound will craft a plan that is specific to you. We know exactly what each program is looking for so that you can avoid the mistake of using “template essays” for all of your choices and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Not only does CareerBound help you through the application process, but we will also advise you throughout every step of the admissions cycle as well as afterwards with waitlist/deferral strategy, re-application strategy, and preparation for the programs you have been accepted into.

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